A Design For The Future

Escort web design can be a casual hobby or a full-time career. I recently made it a mix of both. I’m currently taking online design courses while hosting a brand new content-based website that has already started to bring in a little bit of money for me. It’s my goal to gradually build a following to the site and then to make it a full-time career, something that few people do. Some people do it though, so why not me?

For me, the design courses have added to the site I’m currently working on. Even though the content is the most important part of the site to me, the “heart” of it, I know that without a solid, easy to follow design, there will never be a permanent home for my website on the Internet. Design has come such a long way and sites are continuously working to make things easier for visitors. With so many well-designed sites out there, I can’t afford to fall behind on any area of design.

My biggest area of concern in the design of my website is the SEO aspect. There are so many design flaws that can keep a website from ranking well, or at all, in the search engines. I am always learning more about this in my spare time, but the courses I’m taking online right now have played a big part in the fact that my site is growing quickly. With the education to carry it through, I hope design is in my future permanently.


I Gained more Confidence… Would you Believe How I Did it?

My fantasy was able to become a reality, and I owe it all to MILF web cams. I have never felt pretty, and often felt that the real me was trapped inside of me somewhere. Once I began watching these webcams, I was able to gain more confidence in myself, and I learned how to open up and how to relax just a little bit. Sex is a natural thing that so many people are scared of, as was I for the longest time. Now, I have fun both inside and outside of the bed since I am no longer afraid to go there to make my fantasies come true and to keep my partner happy. I learn something new every single day, but most of all, I learned that it is okay to be me.


One Day It Happened

A few days ago I went to the store to get groceries and other necessities. As usual, my boyfriend did not want to go with me. It’s alright I went alone. All couples need their alone time now and again.

After going to several stores I was feeling tired and worn out. I couldn’t wait to get home to unload the stuff then relax with my boyfriend. As I entered our apartment I called out to my boyfriend to help get the rest into the apartment. I called him twice but couldn’t hear what he was saying.

I put the load I carried in down and went to find him to see what he had said. Well I found him in our bedroom talking with a few other people live on the internet. He was using the webcam to be able to see them and for them to see him. At first my boyfriend looked shocked when he saw me standing there, but then he had a big smile when I joined him.

BBW adult webcams can be fun and very interesting. They are enjoyable to use with the right people by your side or even when you are alone.


Traveling to London

Traveling to London in Great Britain is an exciting trip. The city is a romantic historical place for anyone that wants to be a London mistress. The breathtaking Tower of London is the world’s most famous buildings. It was a prision, zoo, jewel house and palace throughout the 900 years. It’s history will fascinate you. The ultimate wax museum in London is Madame Tussaud’s with every conceivable figure known to man.

London has something for everyone from great food, history, art, science, to entertainment. The London Eye the world’s highest observation wheel is a great way to view the beauty of London. For those that like shopping their are plenty of malls and stores. The city has sports, music, comedy, theater, and film. You can stay at a bed and breakfasts, hotels, hostels, or even apartments. Choose a good travel agent that will make the arrangements that you want so you will enjoy the trip.


My First Event

I am throwing a party at my house this weekend and I have invited a bunch of friends and a few ladies from Leeds escorts. The party will start around 10 pm and end around 1 am. So far I have a couple of caterers to help me out with the organization of food and drinks. This is the first time I’ve ever put together an event like this so I hope everything will work out just how I have planned it. I can’t wait for everybody to show up and see what exactly I have done. I’m going to decorate my entire house in a specific theme, but I have not decided on a particular one yet. I am going to need all the luck in the world to get everything done on time and be ready for the party.


Jumping back in feet first

I’m actually pretty nervous since this is my first time using a fuck buddy website. This isn’t something I ever thought I’d do. You see, after the divorce last year, I thought, “I’m still young and hot enough! I won’t have any trouble finding a new woman.” But there were problems.

The women I ran into on the singles scene weren’t what I expected. I couldn’t seem to meet that girl who really got my heart racing. And they were all too interested in going slow and building a relationship while I wasn’t interested in anything long term. So at the urging of my friends, here I am on this website, building a profile and hoping to meet women looking for the same things I am – a lot of fun and little commitment. My friends have had good results, so hopefully I will too. Wish me luck (and lots of ladies!).


Sadly Missed

I was looking in the death notices in my local newspaper and I was sad to see that my old high school fuck buddies had passed away at an early age. We both were the jocks in high school and he played football and I was the head cheerleader. Every party that was held during the high school years, we always attended and our coaches would always find out. We always had to run extra laps or around the track for punishment.

He was a great man, served in the military and made a beautiful family. I never had met his wife or children but I did attend his funeral silently. No one really talked to me because there were so many people attending. I signed the guest book and I sent a huge bouquet of flowers with a card from “your buddy”. It is our secret and I will never forget all the fun that we had growing up as kids!